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Where to bike in Poznań

  1. Rusałka - Strzeszyn – Kiekrz (difficulty level: 2/5)

During this charming bicycle route you will have the opportunity to discover the beauty of nature and the recreational opportunities of the city. Starting from the picturesque Rusałka Lake, you will follow paths leading through green areas that offer excellent conditions for active recreation. Then the route leads to the charming Strzeszyn district, where nature trails encourage further exploration. Ultimately, you will reach Kiekrz, famous for its beautiful landscapes and opportunities to actively spend time outdoors. This route is approximately 15-20 km long and is perfect for both families and lovers of cycling adventures in the city of Poznań.

2. Malta – Rataje route (Difficulty level: 2/5)

A bicycle trip from Lake Malta to the Rataje district in Poznań is an excellent opportunity to discover the beauty of the city and its surroundings. Starting at the picturesque Malta Lake, where nature and numerous recreational attractions invite you to relax, you will drive through the green and peaceful surroundings, around the newly opened zoo, reaching Rataj. This route offers the opportunity to explore the diverse landscapes of Poznań, combining the charm of the lake with the greenery of city parks.

3. Route Under the Gate of Poznań - Warta floodplains (Difficulty level: 1/5)

A bicycle journey from the historic Poznań Gate through the picturesque flood plains of the Warta River is an excellent opportunity to discover the charms of Poznań's nature and history. Starting from the Poznań Gate, the symbol of the city, you will travel through historic streets and picturesque corners of the old town. The route then leads along the Warta River, where the surrounding floodplains offer a unique atmosphere of peace and natural beauty. This is an ideal route for nature lovers and people looking for a relaxing and inspiring bicycle trip in the heart of Poznań.

4. Warta Oxbow lake–Warthe Puszczykowo route (Difficulty level: 4/5)

A bicycle trip through the picturesque Warta oxbow lake to the charming Puszczykowo is an excellent opportunity to discover the natural treasures of the Greater Poland region. The intermediate route, approximately 25 km long, starts in the Warta River Oxbow, where nature harmoniously interacts with the river landscape. Walking through green paths and quiet villages, you will reach Puszczykowo, a town inviting with its charm and local attractions, perfect for rest and further discovering the beauty of Greater Poland.

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