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Where to go cycling in Wrocław

  1. Bicycle route no. 1. After Attractions DOT290

This is a unique bicycle route through the most popular attractions in Wrocław.

2. Bicycle route on the Odra River (Difficulty level: 2/5)

A bicycle adventure along the Oder River invites you to discover the beautiful corners of Wrocław. Starting in the historic district of Ołbin, you will pass through the quiet and charming Zacisze housing estate, where you can still feel the spirit of traditional architecture. Then the route leads through green Biskupin, where the surrounding parks and bicycle paths provide great conditions for active outdoor recreation. The destination, Sępolno, encourages you with its rural character and picturesque landscapes on the banks of the Oder.

3. Wrocław loop (difficulty level: 2/5)

"The Loop around Wrocław" is a unique bicycle route that leads through the picturesque landscapes of Lower Silesia and the surroundings of Wrocław. The start and finish of the route are located in the city center or its nearby districts, which makes it easily accessible to residents and tourists. While cycling, you can enjoy charming villages, lush forests and beautiful green areas that provide a perfect contrast to the urban landscape of Wrocław.

4. Wrocław - Smolec – Self-Defense (difficulty level: 2/5)

Discover the charms of Lower Silesia on a magical bicycle route from Wrocław to the picturesque Smolec, and then to the charming Samotwór. The route is approximately 35 km long and offers a variety of terrain that is suitable for both beginners and advanced cyclists. Driving through beautiful landscapes and picturesque villages, you will have the opportunity to experience the authentic atmosphere of this part of Poland. Every kilometer of this route is an opportunity to discover new places and enjoy the nature of Lower Silesia.

5. Stabłowice – Maślice loop (difficulty level 3/5)

A bicycle trip along the Oder: Petla Stabłowice - Maslice invites you to discover the picturesque corners of Lower Silesia. Starting your journey in the Stabłowice district of Wrocław, you will pass through charming paths along the banks of the Oder, enjoying unique views and the peace of nature. The route leads through charming villages, stopping in Maslice, where the rural landscape and warm atmosphere will provide an unforgettable experience.

More bicycle paths can be found on the following websites:

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